Queen Fatima Idris Al-Sanussi: Our last direct link with a decent era has gone.
Ahmed Mesbah

The gracious lady, Queen Fatima Idris Al-Sanussi, passed away in Cairo on Saturday October 3rd 2009 after a period in hospital. Our last direct institutional link with times held with undiminishing fondness has gone. As though to register this very point again before reaching her final stop, a typical example of the stark contrast between the principles Queen Fatima represented and lived by and the standards our current rulers follow was made. It appears that the Gaddaffis were provoked by the strong sentiments shown toward the Queen by a large number of Libyans and could not resist exerting their powers on the local concerned authorities to interfere with the burial procedure in Medina. It is an act that can only be described as completely contemptible and despicable. Even by the standards of the Gaddaffis, and that is going down the scale below the bottom, this is an act that is poor in propriety and in judgement. It may well haunt them more and for longer than they thought. It is an act that surely reflects much of they are made of as rulers and as people.
In recent days many have written about the life and times of Queen Fatima both in the early days of the Kingdom and during the past 40 years in Egypt. It is a legacy of pure high standards that patently and poignantly paint the contrast with the present disaster in our country. She will be remembered fondly and for her rich legacy. But some will also remember her for how before she reached the final stop of her journey, the gracious lady reminded those of us who may not have realised it by now, that it is an unforgivable crime against basic decency to tolerate or otherwise contribute to lengthening the life of this unspeakable and deprived regime.
Ahmed Mesbah
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