To my Grandfather: Mustafa El Barky

Dear my Grandfather. I am writing these sad words in your kind memory. Its great chance to tell every body about you. Al Marhoom was kind to everybody and I wished I had spent more time with him. Everyone in our family loved him so much as well as all people that known him. May Allah (SWT) reward him paradise with holy peace.


My family is just recovering from his sudden death. Our Grandfather was a great man; he was really kind to everyone. My Grandfather had one and only one dream it was to return back to his beloved country Libya with all our family and friends right beside him and around him. Al Marhoom died in Allahs hands and no one could prevent this sad event. Al Marhoom falling out of our hands to the harmony of Allah (SWT).


We are going to miss you so much dear Granddad, May Allah (SWT) rest you in peace and harmony until the next time we see you. Thanks to everyone who cared for my Grandfather.

Your sincerely
Salem Zakaria sahed
October 23, 2007