ArayaHuman Rights Organization: The Nobel Peace Preacher Who Gives Food With One Hand And Kills Innocent Civilians With The Other

4th Jan 2010

For a Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to a Head of State he has to have done a good act and save lives. The person awarded has to have at least been consistent throughout the whole year in his efforts to spread peace and end destruction where he has the control to do so.
The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan has been described as an alarming picture of chronic hunger. 70 percent of children lack iodine, which can cause mental disabilities. A lack of vitamins and proper nutrients means much of the population has poor eyesight. Stunted growth is widespread. A quarter of Afghan children die before the age of five and nearly 2 percent of women die while giving birth
Sending 30,000 troops is a major escalation of the problem of the Afghan region. This escalation will dive the whole region into more poverty, malnutrition, destitution, homelessness and refugees and will only contribute to the worlds problems and unsolved puzzles such as Palestine, Iraq, and now Afghanistan. Could Mr. Obama bring the sincerity of his ancestors in Africa and teach the Western world that military intervention will only augment the problems.
Almost 100,000 US troops, plus alliance troops already there will outnumber the Afghani fighters, and will force the Taliban to take on a nationalistic holy war against the foreign troops on the Afghani soil. We remind Obama, the solicitor, of the human rights of the Geneva Convention that no one should occupy others land, and he should already know the right of resistance against occupied troops.
Obamas predecessor put America in the most awkward position, which have depleted the countrys resources and rendered the US economy weak.
Araya Human Rights Organisation would like to see Obama rectifying the mistakes of his predecessor, not inflaming them.
Ref: UN fights hunger in Afghanistan By ALFRED de MONTESQUIOU