April 19, 2009
Weapon may be linked to Gaddafi‏
By:  Staff reporter
Published Date: 16 April 2009



FORENSIC tests have confirmed that a gun retrieved by police is the one that killed Constable Stephen Carroll last month, according to reports.
And there appears to be a link to a batch of weapons supplied by Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi, unofficial sources have claimed.
The AKM assault rifle, which was fitted with a telescopic sight, was recovered in searches carried out by the police after the March 9 killing.
Security sources believe it was one of the weapons brought in from Libya, with the help of Colonel Gaddafi, by the IRA two decades ago.
Two other weapons found in searches at the time were legally held weapons stolen by thieves from homes in Northern Ireland and have no connection with the Carroll murder or dissident republican activity, sources say.
An air rifle and shotgun were found wrapped in layers of plastic in a hide on a riverbank near Lismore Manor where Constable Carroll was murdered.
Police sources have said they believe they were being offered for sale to a criminal gang before they were recovered.
It has been estimated that 150 tons of explosives, grenades, missiles and rifles had been supplied to the IRA by the Libyan leader before a shipment on the Eksund was seized in October 1987.
A Real IRA leader is believed to have plundered one major IRA store in 1997 stealing Semtex explosives and hundreds of rifles before he split with the Provos over the peace agreement.
Continuity IRA terrorists are also believed to have raided similar arms dumps before they split from the organisation.
Police sources have said the weapon that killed Constable Carroll has been positively traced to one of the batches of weapons supplied by Libya and the factory where it was produced.

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