April 30, 2009
Gaddafi's Son buys a house in North London for £10 million‏
Gaddafis to settle in Hampstead Garden Suburb?
30 April 2009
THE Gaddafi family has decided to lay roots in north London, with one of the Libyan leader's sons taking up residence in Hampstead Garden Suburb.
One of the seven sons of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has bought a home in the Suburb with a credit crunch-defying price tag of £10million.
Neighbours will prepare for Gaddafi family gatherings in the exclusive area, home to household names including Jonathan Ross and Richard and Judy.
The mansion's street is described as a "quiet enclave" and the brochure says it is an "elegantly proportioned home [which] features every state-of-the-art facility including a central computer which controls the lighting, air conditioning, audiovisual equipment and all other major functions of the property.
"To complement the well-balanced and beautifully finished accommodation the garden level provides the ultimate in leisure facilities including a spectacular Bisazza-tiled swimming pool complex and featuring a large Jacuzzi. Additionally, there is a cinema room, acoustically lined in padded suede with the latest projector screen technology."
Images from the property show large luxurious rooms fit for a dictator or the "King of Kings" as Gaddafi recently described himself.
And it should prove big enough for even Gaddafi's large brood with "7/8 luxurious bedroom suites" and huge living rooms.
Sources close to the deal revealed the sale went through days ago but would not say which of the leader's sons is making it his home.
The options vary from a London-linked charity leader, a former Serie A football player or a national security adviser, who was previously reported to have tried to organise a coup against his father.
Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, 36, Gaddafi's second eldest son and a London School of Economics graduate is a likely candidate, given his links to the capital. He runs a charity which has helped to negotiate the release of hostages taken by Islamic militants and has announced he wants to live outside of Libya to avoid a role in politics and to focus on setting up a research centre.
It could, however, become a London base for former footballer Saadi Gaddafi or adviser Mutasim-Billah Gaddafi.
Gaddafi's other sons include the eldest, Muhammad Gaddafi, who runs the Libyan Olympic Committee, and Hannibal Gaddafi, who previously caused a diplomatic row between Switzerland and Libya when he was arrested after claims he was maltreating domestic staff there.
He was released on bail and is now said to be suing the country for being held for two days over the charges.
Younger sons are Saif Al Arab and Khamis Gaddafi, a policeman in Libya.
Neighbours said whichever Gaddafi comes to stay will simply add to the eclectic mix of Suburb life.
One said: "I think this shows the rich variety of life on the Suburb. All different types of people come and live here and it is very good.
"He will be living around the corner from Gerald Ronson and not far from the Sultan of Brunei."
The company that designed the house, Tuscany Development Limited, bought it for £2,250,000 in April 2005.
Glentree, named as agents on the brochure refused to comment on the sale.

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