Ali Zew: Letter to the Rt. Hon. Clare Short MP
regarding Dr Idrees Bofaed
The Rt. Hon. Clare Short MP
London SW1A 0AA                                                                               1st December 2006
Dear Ms Short
I am writing to you with the express hope that you may feel able to bring your considerable political knowledge, experience and international reputation to bear in assisting to locate and free Dr Idrees Boufayed.
As at today’s date, 1st December 2006, he has been held in Tripoli for twenty seven days without contact or charge. We know from sources within Libya that during the past two weeks he has been moved from one prison to a ‘mental institution’ that is notorious for its practice of torture, and then returned to yet another prison in Tripoli. These actions have given rise to a greater degree of concern for his well-being, if not his life, than existed before.
As you will see from the attached article, Dr Boufayed is a peaceful, non-violent, humanitarian physician whose infopassion for his fellow man knows no bounds. His actions towards his fellow Libyans should be praised by Colonel Gadhafi rather than be seen as a threat.
Unfortunately, with the current situation in the Middle East, it is all too easy to forget that atrocities are being infomitted in Libya under a regime that is both menacing and oppressive.
I have sent this article to various newspapers / journals / human rights organizations and web-sites throughout the world in the hope that they will publish these articles, thereby bringing the plight of Dr Boufayed, and many others, to the attention of a wider audience with the hope that someone, somewhere will be able to tell us what is happening.
I am also sending this letter, and article, to other prominent International Statesmen, again, in the hope that they too may be able to help free Dr Boufayed.
Any assistance, or advice, that you are able to render would be greatly appreciated.
I remain,
Yours truly



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