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3rd December 2006
Dear Dr Kim Howells
I am writing to you from the British Libyan Solidarity Campaign as we understand that you were the signee on the Memorandum of Understanding between the British Government and Col. Muammur Gaddafi on the 31st October 2005.  
I would like to highlight our concerns for the safety and well being of Dr Idrees Boufayed, an exiled physician who lived in Switzerland for 20 years after fleeing from Gaddafis regime when he was persecuted for speaking out against Gaddafis war in Chad.   As you will see from the attached article, Dr Boufayed is a peaceful, non-violent, humanitarian physician whose infopassion for his fellow man knows no bounds. His actions towards his fellow Libyans should be praised by Colonel Gaddafi rather than be seen as a threat.
Dr Boufayed recently returned to Libya and on his arrival at  Tripoli airport was held and interrogated by the Regimes Security Forces, he then had  his passport confiscated before he was released.
On the 5th of November he returned to Tripoli by invitation of the security forces to collect his passport and has been detained in a secret location ever since. 
As of the 1st December 2006, he had been held in Tripoli for twenty seven days without contact or charge. We know from sources within Libya that during the past two weeks he has been moved from one prison to a mental institution that is notorious for its practice of torture, and then returned to yet another prison in Tripoli.
As you will remember, the terms and conditions of the MOU are that:
        3. If arrested, detained or imprisoned following his deportation, the deported person will be afforded adequate acinfomodation, nourishment and medical treatment, and will be treated in a humane and proper manner, in accordance with internationally accepted standards.
        4. If the deported person is arrested or detained, he will be brought promptly before a civilian judge or other civilian official authorised by law to exercise judicial power in order that the lawfulness of his detention may be decided.
Dr Idrees Boufayed was not deported but returned to Libya of his own free will to continue his campaign for human rights and civil liberties and yet he has still been subjected to kidnapping and illegal imprisonment and probably tortured at the hands of Gaddafis regime.
As President of the British Libyan Solidarity Campaign I call on you to investigate the detention of Dr Boufayed and put pressure on the regime to release him.   The BLSC also calls for the dissolution of the Memorandum of Understanding until there is no doubt that international law on human rights and civil liberties are upheld by the Gaddafi regime in Libya.
Best Regards
Azeldin El Sharif
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