Letter: Thank Belgium for not arming Gaddafi
رسالة شكر الى بلجيكا لرفضها تسليح نظام القذافي
الإخوة والأخوات:
لقد قمت بكتابة رسالة الى رئيس وزراء بلجيكا شاكرا قرار حكومته بعدم تسليح نظام القذافي. اضع امامكم نسخة من هذه الرسالة املا ان يقوم الجميع بنفس العمل. بإمكامكم التعديل في صيغة الرسالة بما ترونه مناسبا.
مع تحياتي
أخوكم محمد مبروك بوقعيقيص
Dear all
I wrote and sent a letter to thank Belgium's Prime Minister for refusing to arm Gaddafi. I thought it would be a good idea for other Libyans to do likewise. They can modify the letter in any way they wish and send it.
Mohamed Bugaighis
The Letter:
November 2, 2009

Hoevestraat 41
1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode
Brussels, Belgium
Re: Thank you for refusing to sell arms to Gaddafi
Dear Prime Minister Van Rompuy Herman,
Libya was granted its independence through a vote by the United Nations on December 24, 1951 after the UN General Assembly had helped in writing its constitution, and completed it on October 7, 1951. Throughout, the subsequent 18 years of its independence, Libya had adhered to the spirit of its constitution, and lived to its international obligations of preserving peace and stability in its region and beyond.
However, Libya’s hopes and aspirations for a better future were abruptly ended on September 1, 1969 when a group of young officers lead by Muammar Gaddafi staged a military coup and deposed its legitimate government. Since that date, Libya has lived a nightmare of horrors that continues 40 years after that fateful day. Gaddafi has assumed absolute control of the country, immersing it into chaos and bloodshed that included: Political assassinations of thousands inside and outside of Libya; 1200 in the massacre of Abuslim Prison on the outskirts of Tripoli; downing civilian airliners; waging wars on neighbors Egypt; Chad and other countries through his proxies. Life inside of Libya has been made hellish and unbearable, forcing thousands of Libyans to flee the country alongside thousands of fleeing Africans en route to Europe for better life. As a matter of fact Gaddafi has intentionally aggravated African migration to Europe and encouraged it to use it as a pressure tool against European countries, particularly those on the Mediterranean coast.
Living through terror, deprivation, hardships, and his abusive and irrational behavior, Libyans have concluded that Gaddafi is unstable, erratic, and beyond redemption. Such conclusion were borne out of 40-years of experience, which was in full view of the United Nations and the international community during Gaddafi’s irrational and senseless behavior during his visit to New York. It was not surprising that President Obama and his administration shunned him, and so did the political leaders of Canada and Spain. It was obvious that Gaddafi felt dejected due to his erratic and unacceptable behavior. But instead of reforming his behavior, of which he is incapable, he resorted to offering lucrative arms deals to buy international support and acceptance as he has done many times before.
We are gratified to read of the Belgian Government’s decision to refuse arms sales to Gaddafi for fear it would be used for oppressing the population. A responsible Libyan government would mean fewer reasons for the population to flee to Europe and elsewhere, and would prevent illegal migration through its land and borders. We are hopeful that those who have helped arm Gaddafi in the past would cease and desist from arming him again as this would only lead to regional and global instability. Belgium has indeed adopted exemplary stand when it chose morality over greed.
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