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National Front for the Salvation of Libya Memorandum
to the United Nationsí General AssemblyĢ
Memorandum to the United Nationsí General Assembly 64th Session
Esteemed representatives and heads of delegations
His Excellency Secretary General of the United Nations
His Excellency President of the Security Council
We salute you as you commence the United Nations sixty forth session, wishing you success in accomplishing peace, security, justice, and progress.
Historically, the United Nations has always been the source of hope for nations around the world seeking freedom from oppression and aspiring to attain liberty, progress and development. While the United Nations has played an undeniable role in securing freedom for oppressed people from colonial injustices, it unfortunately remains ineffective in confronting some of the human rights abuses and suppression of freedoms at the hands of dictatorial regimes around the world. While the United Nations has attempted assisting countries seeking economic prosperity, it has not prevented the immense waste of resources and widespread corruption plaguing nations controlled by dictators and warlords.
The United Nations played a key role in the independence of Libya and the subsequent establishment of its constitution in 1951. The process of establishing a democratic state in Libya was abruptly interrupted by the September, 1969 coup díetat by Lieutenant Moammar Qaddafi, when he took over power commencing four decades of oppression and injustice. Qaddafi has committed egregious human rights violations against Libyan citizens, which have included torture, arbitrary arrests, prolonged imprisonment, collective punishment, and extrajudicial killings. His terroristic practices are not limited to inside the Libya borders. Abroad, Qaddafi used Libyaís wealth to finance terrorist attacks against innocent civilians.
With these facts in mind, we ask, how can a criminal with Qaddafiís violent record be allowed to address the respectable General Assembly of your organization? What are the justifications that could lead to welcoming and potentially applauding the presence of someone whose undignified actions continue to be antithetical to the very founding principles of the United Nations?
In the event you wish to overlook the atrocious nature of this unelected dictator, who has ruled his country with an iron fist for the past forty years, abolishing the countryís UN-supported constitution and terrorizing his citizens, it is impossible to ignore Qaddafiís domestic policies which violate various covenants espoused by the United Nations including the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the conventions on the prevention of collective punishment and crimes against humanity.
Your organization must be well aware of Qaddafiís direct involvement in the bombing of two civilianís airliners: Pan Am airliner in 1988 over Lockerbie, and the French UTA airliner over Niger in 1989, two cowardly acts that resulted in the death of over 441 civilians. Another outrageous crime that continues to be ignored is the downing of Libyan Airlines Flight 1103 in December, 1993, which led to the death of all 159 people on-board. Numerous member countries in the United Nations have filed complaints against Colonel Qaddafi accusing him of meddling in their domestic policies and conspiring to destabilize their governments. The most prominent of Qaddafiís crimes was committed against 1200 political prisoners in June of 1996, who were summarily executed in response to Qaddafiís direct orders.
The UN leadership is also well aware of the various reports and investigations by reputable human rights organizations, not to mention organizations examining various indicators of economic development, freedom of press, independence of the judiciary, and transparency who have ranked Libya miserably in the bottom of all countries.
The bloodied history of Qaddafi makes the occasion of his appearance in front of your respectable assembly a source of shame in its history. Standing in front of your assembly and talking on behalf of Africa should not erase from your memory the various plots Colonel Qaddafi masterminded in support of separatist groups aiming to destabilize fellow African governments, nor his current efforts to replicate his dictatorship onto the African Union.
And whoever thinks that the reckless practices of Qaddafi and his regime at the international level is a thing of the past, we cannot but remind them of the current frivolous treatment of Switzerland and its citizens, which Qaddafi called for your organization - at its current session - to dismantle and abolish.
For those who believe Qaddafiís reign of terror is a thing of the past, they need only look at the killing of the Libyan journalist, Daif Al Gazal in 2006, the murder of Libyan activist Fathi Jahmi in 2009, and the killing of scores of demonstrators in Benghazi in 2006.
The mass killings of political prisoners at Abu Salim, while it took place some thirteen years ago, it is considered one most atrocious crimes committed against Libyans under Moammer Qaddafi. Until today, Qaddafiís regime refuses to fully disclose to the families of the victims the circumstances surrounding their deaths, and it refuses to divulge the whereabouts of their remains prolonging the torment of their families.
We call upon your respectable organization to look further into this massacre, brining it to the attention of your relevant legal authorities so as an open and thorough can be conducted, and those involved apprehended while providing all necessary protection to the families of the victims who suffer on a daily basis from the regimeís harassment and punishment.
It is our duty to remind you that Qaddafiís crimes internationally and against his people domestically have grave implications on the rest of the international community.
The Libyan people are shocked by the expected appearance of Colonel Qaddafi at the United Nations representing them abroad while he lacks legitimacy of any democratically elected president. It is difficult to believe that Qaddafi will be allowed to speak on behalf of Africa, while the people of Darfur, Chad, Liberia, and Uganda are still suffering from his reckless involvement. Qaddafi belongs next to his accomplice, Liberiaís notorious former dictator Charles Taylor, at the International Criminal Court and not the United Nationsí General Assembly.
Ironically, the General Assembly of your esteemed organization was the same place addressed by Libyan activist Mansur Al Kekhia as Libyaís representative in the late 1970ís. Colonel Qaddafi ordered his abduction and subsequent transfer to Libya in 1993, where his fate remains unknown. Qaddafi was implicated in the disappearance of other prominent dissidents and notables including Izzat Al Magariaf, Jaballah Mattar, Imam Mousa Al Sadr, Dr. Amr Al Nami, and others.
In addition to deploring the expected appearance of Libyaís ruthless dictator at the United Nations, the National Front for the Salvation of Libya calls upon your esteemed organization to stand by the Libyan people as they fight to free themselves from Qaddafiís oppression and build a government based on the consent of its citizens, a government which upholds the constitutional rights of its people ensuring justice and equality for all while contributing to world peace and security.
The National Front for the Salvation of Libya
15th September, 2009