Welcome to heaven on earth...
(Posters at Libyan ports)
By: Alleebia

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The next stop for Mr. President Obama after the G8 summit meeting was Ghana. Before this, he has recently visited Egypt, and thus bypassing Gaddafi’s heaven on earth, so, where are you King of the kings from all this? The planes of your beloved ones are teasing your sky but don’t seem to be in a rush to land in an airport at your heaven. So, is your new found love still in doubts or is it love from one side only?
If Obama chose to visit Libya as the homeland of the head of the African union instead of Ghana, his visit would have had an unacceptable meaning and repercussions by the Libyan people, and it would have been understood as a silent approval by him for the of the current illegitimate regime.
Mr. Obama is not oblivious to this fact and therefore, thanks to Mr Obama. I hope that this path does not change until the present political situation in Libya changes and this governing crowd in Libya is replaced by a legitimate government approved of the majority of the Libyan people, by God’ s Will.
The American ministry of foreign affairs announced at the visits the reasons behind each one of them: Egypt is considered as the symbol and the spokesman of the Arab countries, while Ghana represents the symbol of democracy in Africa. So, where does the head of the African union stands in this? Isn’t he the most senior Arab president and the king of the kings of Africa (as he called himself in the Arab summit in Doha)? And where is his international position (as he sees himself) in this? I can hardly hold my giggles!
Mr. Obama chose Ghana from all the African countries because, as he said, it represents a good example for democracy in Africa, and dear reader, note that that he did not choose Libya or South Africa.
We see in this a clear and articulate message “without comment” from the new American administration that its head is not convinced yet by what the unique thinker (one of his many names) wants to sell, and on top of this we also clearly see how the head of the united states of America has bypassed the head of the African union and the king of its kings! To put the icing on the cake, Michelle, the first lady, was chosen to be given the name “queen of Africa”.. So, where are you Safiya, wife of the king of the kings is all this? And would our unique thinker stay silent toward all these insults, will they pass “without comment”… as they came?
We have a chance in our hands that we should take, victory is ours now and if we miss we will not see a change, neither our children nor our grand-children would, for a long time. We would never get a similar one in the future.
While I was preparing this article, I had to stop for a while to watch Mr. President Obama’s speech in Ghana today, the 11th of July 2009. I am pleased by his words, to say the least; he invited us clearly to seek change on our hands, Yes We Can, he repeated it again, and this time it was in Africa and to the Africans. I find in these three words a great inspiration and an immense honesty; and yes, no one else other than us can make the change.
I cannot hide my admiration to this new American President, Mr. Barak Hussein Obama. Among what he mentioned in his speech in Ghana was that the best way to develop Africa is not by the Aid, but by spreading democracy and justice in its countries, and by exchanging mutual respect and as a partner and an equal and a producer and an exporter to the world rather than just a receiver of aids. Then he mentioned a number of African countries on their way to democracy, without any mention of Libya.
Would Colonel Gaddafi be upset that Libya’s name fell “unintentionally” from Mr. Obama’s list of African democratic countries? And will Kaddafi still hold his opinion about Mr. Obama of being a flash of light in the darkness? I doubt it, however, our friend is patient, and won't lose his temper or risk his new relations with the west before he sees clearly that this new administration does not see any value in him without his people. I pray to God that the American Administration continues to pursue this method till the end.
President Obama promised the oppressed people of Africa that his country will not oppose the change if they wanted it, and with his own words he described this offer as a chance that may never come again and that the African people should make the best of it before it passes.
We cannot ignore anything that comes from America, for, whether we wanted or not, it is now the strongest country in the world and has a principal and important role in the whole world’s politics. Only a fool would not give weight to America’s actions, and worse than a fool is that who would not use a rare opportunity like this for the best of his interest.
We are now dealing with a new head of American administration that is different from his ancestors; he is an intelligent man, and is not a racist. The duration of this administration is only for four years. Six months of this time have already gone, it may succeed in extending its period to another four more years in the next elections, depending on the degree of success that it will achieve during the present period, but we should not bet on time, after all, who had ever guessed that Gaddafi would last till today?
In a country that is trying to improve its image after the damage that has been done to it by the behaviour of the previous administrations, there is no doubt that the last thing that this administration wants to do is to link its name to a ruthless dictator, whom hands are covered with the blood of thousands of innocent people, and the whole world is a witness to his strange behaviour and his total ignorance with all what is within the norm to human race. On top or this, he came to power via a coup that was akin to a trick to a peaceful people in a nation that was stepping its first steps toward financial, social and political development, to destroy it and paralyse its advancement, shatter its economy and transform its people to strangers on their own land.
One of the subjects that Mr. Obama strongly criticized in his speech, was the governments that came into power by coups, the wealth of the presidents on the expense of their people who suffer poverty, diseases and conflicts, and he called for the need for strong parliaments, police and fair judicial system, and civilized societies in Africa. As, in his opinion, and rightly so, this is what matters to people in their daily life.
He also mentioned that history is not by the side of those who change regimes by coups or who change the constitutions.
While listening, I thought: all this describes in precision the current state of Libya; no wonder Libyan name did not come in his talk about the democratic African countries.
Then he praised the reception he had at the airport by the Ghanian president and the representative of the Ghanian opposition side by side, and said it “spoke volumes” about the level of democracy that Ghana had reached. He also added that this was a historical moment, and he promised, that the solution is in the hands of African people, and what is in his hands was only the power to end disease and conflicts.
He added that America will not change the regime of any country and that it is for the people to decide what they want, but that America will help those responsible and support them to ensure that the voice of people is heard, and will protect and assist those whose voices rise against wrong.
At the end of his visit, at the airport, he had a final speech, and repeated in it, from his earlier speech during the day, the following sentence: “Winds always blow in the direction of human development, to African youth: the world is what you make, and you can do this, if you took the responsibility on your shoulders, this is your chance, and I promise you that America will be with you in every step you make. Your freedom is your inheritance, and you must protect it from generation to generation. No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to the basic human rights.
President Obama could have said something different other than this if he wished, he could have mentioned anything about Gaddafi to honour him, but he deliberately didn’t and was not a slip of thought.
After his speech at the airport I felt sure that he has no expectations from Kaddafi for any responsibility and does not even want to direct any conversation to him.
Yes it is our chance, and let us work not to let the day come when even Mr. Obama joins the queue of the friends of this criminal. Now that Gaddafi is strengthening his means and doing all what he could to win the American side to empower his regime and weaken the will of our people and their resistance, as he did wit many others before, we can end this.
God gave us a gift of power, let us use it for the best of our interest and that of our country.
Let us work to clarify the true image of Gaddafi and his regime, exactly as the Libyans see it and know it. We should not allow fear to stay in our hearts, for it is our first enemy before Gaddafi and his iron fist, and it is what strengthens and keeps him, while it keeps our hands tied. Let us remove this fear that lies inside us from its roots.
We are on the right path and God will be on our side as long as we are on each others side against the wrong. Our rights can not be lost as long as we seek them, and we will return what has been taken from us back, it will come stronger, more founded and dearer, and we will never let it go again.
Here is the President of the country that Kaddafi has his biggest hopes on to help him to finish what is remaining from the Libyan people’s ambitions, he is the man now who is giving us peace and telling us: move, make the change, and we will not be in your way, only you can, don’t hesitate and don’t be late.
Therefore we should not let this chance go. We lost many other chances before, we should not remain silent. Let our voices rise everyday, every hour and every minute, louder and louder for the world to hear us, to return the violated rights to the people and to expose Gaddafi’s regime.
We also have to take actions to return what has been taken by force from us, people and country, material and moral. We should bring to justice all those who allowed themselves to do harm to our generous people.
Only in this way everyone will know what we want, and anyone who thinks of linking his name with Gaddafi as a friend, will have to think thousands of times before making such a step, and will no go ahead!
I am not fighting Gaddafi as a person, I do not accept to see him as a red line that cannot be crossed as he wishes himself to be.
The only red line that we all accept and agree on and unite under is our love to our country, our patriotism. Anything else can be diverse. We humans do not agree even on one Creator, how would a creature expect us to see him the “only one”?
I am against the oppressive regime of Gaddafi in Libya, against his abuse of our rights, against him conditioning our patriotism by being his allies and worshippers. I am against that the betrayal of the country has no weight as long as who does it protects Gaddafi and is protected by him. I am against prizing those who commit crimes against my country with the highest rank positions while its noble people are humiliated, exiled, and killed. I am against seeing my country led by a corrupt bunch while the best of our men and women are subjected to the worst colours of oppression.
I am against having the patriotism embodied in a person, whoever he is, leave alone a man who brought injustice and shame to us and to our country and wasted its wealth, and made ridicule of himself and of us to the whole world?
I am against being labelled as traitors and allies to the enemy, for nothing else but having refused to be less than proud citizens in a proud county.
When a visitor comes to Libya, from air, land or the sea, the first thing he sees is Gaddafi’s ugly pictures and paragraphs of his dreaded book everywhere, and between this and that one sees posters supporting them both: himself and his book. An example of one of them reads as follows:
Does Gaddafi and whoever supports him truly believe that Libya is really heaven on earth?
I see this in a very different way, and I would not be exaggerating if I say that whoever lives in Libya today and is subjected to what most of the Libyans are subjected to, would have had a fair deal of his/her share form God’s punishment for their worldly sins, if not all of them, before the judgement day. So what heaven is this that we are in and we cannot see? Where is it?
Libya under this forced regime is far from heaven. Today, under Gaddafi’s rule, Libya has become “hell on earth”, and lucky he who finds a way to escape it, even if it were to the other world.
It is so sad: how were we, and how we became? Let’s work hard to bring to Libya its pride back without this criminal and killer of our children and of our country’s finest men.
We see Libya today robbed, destroyed, and its sacred soil being tarnished every second, and whenever the hand of betrayal reaches us, our tongues are cut and our throats are slit, just for voicing our refusal of the wrongdoing and oppression on our own land.
Our country has become a place where corruption grows and prospers, it is now the golden chance for whoever wants to commit any forbidden act, and we, people of the land, have nor right to shout “enough”… this word remains stuck in our throats, and many of us died chocked by it.
Yes, enough! Leave some of our wealth and land and sons to us, so we could build what you have demolished, and secure by them a better future for our country. We are a peaceful people and we long avoided bloodshed, do not push us to what we do not wish to do, leave us and go in peace
I have no doubt, that world like these are the best advice anyone would give to a Libyan to voice to get rid of him forever. WHY? What is in this sentence that would diminish the patriotism of anyone? Or be used as a proof for treason or allying with the enemy? And why would be, whoever utters it, sure of risking to be tortured in the worst horrific way, till death, in Gaddafi’s Heaven on earth?
Anyhow, it is no wonder for evil to see this hell as heaven, for he will never reach the creator’s heaven. A creature from hell can only grow in hell, and Gaddafi worked and succeeded in creating this environment in Libya to suit him and suit his followers. From this point, I agree with him: it is heaven for those who have no conscience and enjoy living in robbed wealth. It is no place for the noble people, and if their fate is to be there, they remain freedom fighters in life and martyrs in death.
These posters that welcome the guests to heaven on earth, are not an invitation to the honest people, but instead, they are for every thief and criminal who does not count on the judgement day, yes, it is now, to those, under the wing of Gaddafi, the true heaven on earth, and they will not find a better place to fulfil their sinful ambitions than this. We have thousands of proofs to what I am saying, from our own blood and flesh, and from those who entered our land through its borders without visas, or even entered it through the doors of the highest diplomatic routes, they are all alike, and each one of them has his own ceiling, everyone has got his share from what he has no right to have, each according to his size, his contacts, and his resources, and no one saw in law and its boundaries any hindrance. Libya is a country where you can break all the rules: all you need is to know who could help you to do so, and you can, in this heaven on earth, buy everything. The cheapest of all is conscience: all the way, from the start of the deal to the end. And if you fall in the hand of the law, you can buy the law too: from the witness to the judge. So, would there be any patch on earth that is more heavenly than this? Even in God’s heaven, it couldn’t be better than this for this "lucky" crowd!
And here I apologize to every honest Libyan, who constitute the majority of the Libyan people, the ones who do not chase the Jamahiriyah’s heaven on earth that Gaddafi and his regime are advertising, nor they can see it. These are the freedom fighters I mentioned above, who are punished every day, for every small and big sin on earth before the judgement day, and whenever they leave our world, they will receive their reward in the eternal heaven. These do not need Gaddafi’s heaven that is surrounded by his boundaries and red lines.
Lucky those who would live to the day to see Libya as a free country, where justice and prosperity prevail, and see its people standing proud and tall, earning their living with equal opportunities and with honesty.
God Bless.
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