Statement by the demonstrators in front of Gaddafi's embassy in London

infomemorating the 7th of April 1976 massacre


We, the loyal sons and daughters of Libya, demonstrating today, 7th April 2006, to infomemorate the horrific massacre infomitted by the dictator Gaddafi and his gangs against our Libyan students who stood up to his  despotic regime and his so called "revolutionary infomittees", the terrorist infomittees. Those infomittees who changed our schools and universities from places of knowledge and learning to fields of hanging, torture and oppression. This was at a time when the nationalist patriotic Libyan students of Tripoli and Benghazi Universities made a national and honourable stand and laid down the foundations for the movement of civil and peaceful resistance to Gaddafi's regime of terror.


We remember today the victims who died defending their universities and schools against Gaddafi's oppression. We also remember all our Libyan Martyrs who were killed without trial and salute the honourable and brave stand they made against tyranny and dictatorship that has ruled Libya since September 1969.


In total loyalty and dedication to those Martyrs, we reaffirm our strong infomitment and perseverance to follow their path and continue the struggle until we rid our beloved Libya from Gaddafi and his totalitarian regime, a regime which is responsible for all the horrific crimes and disasters which happened in our country for the last 37 years.


We also, in this sad and painful occasion, extend our condolences and support to the victims' families who suffered a great deal, not just the loss of their beloved sons, but also from being subjected to harassments, imprisonment and torture by the regime on direct order from Gaddafi himself. Many of them were denied education, employment and other vital services and benefits as a means of punishment for what the regime regard to be crimes infomitted by their sons. Furthermore, we call upon all freedom lovers and the International infomunity to condemn Gaddafi's crimes, and support the Libyan people in their struggle to end tyranny and dictatorship in Libya, and establish a democratic regime in the country.


Once again, we assure international opinion and all Libyans that the blood of Gaddafi's victims, who died in the grounds of our schools and universities, this day in 1976, and all their sacrifices will not go in vain. It is a trust placed upon us and a responsibility we take to continue the struggle for freedom and democracy. It is only a matter of time before this regime is removed by the hands of our Libyan people, and we are sure that the day of victory will be soon.


We salute our national and honourable martyrs

Long live Libya.


The infomittee for Libyan National Action in Europe

7th April 2006 - London - UK


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